3 comments on “We Will Either Live Forever or Be Killed By Robots In…“The Singularity”

  1. I really like your page man. Always look­ing for great per­spec­tive on the sin­gu­lar­ity. I dig your music too, it’s a good cul­tural out­let for posthu­man thought and sound. I defi­nately will keep an eye on your page if you ever tour Seattle.

    I’m think­ing about mak­ing a blog roll for my site, mind if I add you to the list?

  2. Yo dude. This is a good blogspot. I’m still in much dis­be­lief that Sin­gu­lar­ity will bring about the end of Human­ity. To say that the worst could hap­pen always seemed unlikely to me. Con­sid­er­ing Human Beings are just chem­i­cal reac­tion beings. If a elec­tronic being were given sen­tience, then why would it decide that the chem­i­cal reac­tion such as us needs to end? It would under­stand our mor­tal­ity, that is cer­tain. Would it feel the need to end our exis­tence in this uni­verse just because? If any­thing, It would want to con­vert us into it. That way we all could live for­ever eh? Pure energy.

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