Toy Sapiens Tokyo: Possibly The Coolest Toy Store In The Universe

While I was visiting Tokyo last month, we strolled through the Harajuku district and
stumbled upon Hot Toys’ brand new, flagship store, Toy Sapien.  

I have never geeked out harder in my entire life.


First of all, life-sized R2-D2, C-3PO and a Terminator T800 greet you at the door. Once I collected myself enough to continue inside, I browsed through shelf after shelf of high-quality models and figurines. Some of these were not only rare, I had no idea they were even in production:

• 1989 Batman, Joker, Batmobile
• Luke Skywalker Bespin Outfit
• Batman Begins Batman
• Predator
• Captain America
• Iron Man and Iron Monger

The Space Jockey


Having just seen Prometheus, I was pretty thrilled by this Space Jockey, which has a level of detail that is quite hard to find.




Dewback with Sandtroopers

The Dark Knight section was also impressive, featuring a 1:16 scale model of the Tumbler, Bane, Joker, and Scarecrow.

Also of note, there were dozens of life-sized helmets from Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, Terminator, a fully-stocked LEGO collection, and plush versions of most action figures.

Delorean Time Machine From Back To The Future Part 3

Seriously, if I had the Yen to blow, I would have picked up that Space Jockey, DeLorean Time Machine, and Dewback faster than you can say “Get away from her, you Bitch.”

Loop Theory – Jesus, Time Travel, And Little Grey Men.

The following is a theory I have devised over the years. It’s not even really a theory, just an idea I joke around with and don’t take too seriously.  It’s fun to think about, and when I tell people, most of them haven’t really thought of it before, so what the hell. Here goes.

Bear with me here.

Throughout the pages in our history books, our ancestors were visited by what they believed to be Gods, Angels, Demons, and the like. These divine visitors usually came to them in “chariots of fire”, descending from the heavens and imparting wisdom and guidance to the native inhabitants. Some made the people write down rules, commandments, teachings, and other “tips” on how to behave and develop their civilizations. We followed these rules without question; with an unblinking faith that until only very recently we never thought to re-examine.

For some reason, during the time period from 5,000 B.C. to the year 200 A.D., these visitors appeared in their initial incarnations to the masses. Yet, as time ticked on, the visitations stopped, the miracles abated, and the Holy Voices grew fainter. The religious still claim to hear these voices, but by and large, we have not seen any of these “miracles” happen since the Bible, Torah, Koran, and other Holy Scriptures were written.

Why? Many people wonder where God went. Has He left us alone to ponder his deafening absence?

So it would seem.

flying saucer

Now, let me now change subjects dramatically to the dubious subject of UFO’s and “aliens”. They come, they watch, and they disappear. They too, like our ancient visitors, appear to descend from the heavens in “chariots of fire”, though they do not (to our knowledge) impart wisdom to us. It seems that instead, they (supposedly) abduct us, probe us, mutilate our cattle, and then disappear at rapid velocities. Many people wonder why they travel such vast distances across the universe, which even at the speed of light would take years if not generations, just to lurk around in the clouds.

Another question – isn’t it a little strange that of all the possible combinations of evolution, they just so happen to have two arms, two legs, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth? According to some abduction stories, the aliens are even stunningly human-like.

Let us now move to the third act of the theory.

Time travel.

Stephen Hawking once asked “If time travel were possible, wouldn’t we see time tourists from the future, visiting us now?”  My response to the professor is that we do, and that we have since the dawn of time.

You see, the ancient visitors that demanded we scribble down their teachings, and the so called “aliens” that we have come to know as of quite recently are one and the same. They are time travelers from the future.

Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, the Gods of the Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians…all time travelers.

Think about it.

If you had a time machine, and truly wanted to make a difference in history, wouldn’t you go back in time thousands of years and give your ancestors clues and hints about what pitfalls to avoid? Wouldn’t you yourself be tempted to write a “better version of the Bible?” One that included instructions for inventing electricity sooner, information about preventing diseases, and even a warning about the fall of civilization?

Throughout history, these visitors appeared at crucial points – they helped the Egyptians build beautiful pyramids that, even by today’s standards, are technologically impressive. They helped the Greeks contemplate democracy and law, and they helped the inhabitants of Mesopotamia develop agriculture and currency.  All over the world we find artifacts that couldn’t have been created with the technology available at the time.

Also, consider this: Throughout history, there have been people that are startlingly ahead of their time. Nostradamus, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Nikola Tesla may have also been from the future.

For some reason, we first began seeing Flying Saucers right after the atomic bomb detonation. Perhaps these time travelers were visiting us and changing history, because in their timeline the world had been destroyed by a nuclear war. And maybe these so called “abductions” were actually instances of time travelers taking crucial people “out of time” for a day or two – maybe a potential Hitler or Stalin – so that they would not go on to commit their horrendous crimes against humanity.

As for the appearance of the typical “alien” – big head, frail bodies: isn’t this the direction we are heading towards? As we use computers and automobiles more and more, evolution will deem our physical bodies less reliant on strength; and that our brains be larger to accommodate our increasing intelligence. This would also explain why they never communicate with us – perhaps they want us to think that they are aliens, because if we realized that they were time travelers, we might rest on our laurels and never get around to inventing the time machine “because its going to get invented anyway, right?”. That, and the whole paradox-destroying-the-space-time-continuum thing.

If you built a time machine, it would need to be a spacecraft. If you go back in time, say, 1,000 years into the past, you would be going back in time to where and when the Earth was – a completely different part of the galaxy – dead space.

You would need a spacecraft that could effectively “follow” the Earth back through time on its orbit in reverse. I believe the time machine will involve the manipulation of gravity – it would “lock onto” the Earth’s gravity path in time.


To sum it all up, I believe that history is a temporary phase, like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Soon, we transcend to the next level of existence: the Post Human Era. We will not only become God, but we will become the Universe, and whatever lies beyond it.

Maybe this has all happened before; maybe an earlier precursor of Jesus went back in time to warn us about our impending doom and failed.

Let us all wait and see.

This theory will not be proven true until we ourselves build the first time machine,

and try our hand at being God for awhile.