Darkpine EP Review

Darkpine is an electro-pop/rock/ambient band that confidently shifts between sonic spaces rapidly within the span of their self-titled EP.  Their sound reminds me of Bastille or Foster The People, albeit a bit more lofi and 80’s. The drums are a blend of live and electronic, which can be a difficult effect to pull off, yet they manage to.  The stand-out track for me is Postcards, which makes me want to cruise along the coast in a convertible. The Darkpine EP is available on Bandcamp for $5.   8.0/10.



Darkpine EP

Moving At The Speed Of Drone: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

There are some interesting technologies coming into the spotlight as of late, and when observed individually, they are quite impressive. But when you take a step back and see where all of this is headed, the outlook for humanity can appear breathtaking. Yet, it only take a couple mouse clicks to have that techno-optimism destroyed. A good example is the coming drone revolution.

Drones are essentially flying robots, and they have been getting alot of negative press lately, what with all the accidental killing of civilians and fears of a totalitarian police-state being able to spy on everyone and everything 24/7. Take this Dragonfly Drone someone spotted at a family barbecue:

The toothpaste is out of the tube: it is now possible for someone to see everything you do. But wait! There’s more! Someone decided to use the simple formula “Drone + Gun = Great Idea” and build an autonomous, Ipad-controlled flying machine gun that literally self-destructs if it gets shot down.

Welcome to hell, right? How does one defend themselves against something like that? A personal laser defense system? Imagine 100, or even 10,000 of those flying into your city.

However, there is some good news. Farmers have started using drones to view crops, saving money on expensive surveillance services normally conducted by plane. But imagine how much more efficient an army of farming drones would be. You could plant crops in places you can’t get to, schedule watering and maintenance, harvest food autonomously, and even have it delivered to a customer’s doorstep. Supermarkets will be a thing of the past. Also, think about construction.

Drones will allow for the construction and demolition of a building within days, if not hours. Combine this with the benefits 3D printing will provide, and it is easy to imagine an entire city migrating to follow resources.

Here’s where I’m going with all this: We are going to need to completely overhaul the economic system. What is going to happen when China begins to use robots because it is economically feasible to do so? Can our economy support ONE BILLION unemployed people? What happens to the construction workers, farmers, truck drivers, and other assorted service people who will be suddenly unemployed? We are heading towards a post-scarcity society with a scarcity-driven economy.

There is a solution, however. Economic models like the Resource Based Economy Principle dictate a world centered around a vast resource management system, a living wage, using the highest levels of technology available to eliminate corrupt profit models. God forbid any of us be judged by how good we are as human beings and what we contribute to society.

These technologies need to happen like, yesterday. Why? Because there’s a great big Brother eyeing the killswitch; who is quickly realizing he will soon be obsolete, and I don’t think he’s going quietly.



The Fresh Prince House Is Not In Bel Air

So I was cruising through Brentwood, near Santa Monica this morning and noticed a familiar looking house.  For the sake of privacy I won’t tell the address, but it is definitely not in Bel Air.

We were all lied to.