Army Of Me – By Daniel Finfer

Back at the beginning, I split myself in two
For the world was just too big to see with such a narrow view.
The two that I became, they knew exactly what to do,
With another point of view around the world felt fresh and new.

The two that I became soon turned into three and four
I lived a life of peace, and never dreamed I’d start a war
I headed out across the land to conquer and explore
But soon enough I felt the need to split myself some more

The thousands I became began to build their first machines
I started building tiny boats to navigate the seas
I dreamed a few religions, but they all disagreed
So then my new religions started building armies

My boats turned into battleships, across the seas they raced
The soldiers of myself all wore disguises on their face
The war engulfed the planet as my armies swept the land
I couldn’t see which side of me would gain the upper hand

The tiny little soldiers were too small to understand
I made me fight against myself to find out who I am
I don’t feel that responsible, for how could I have known
The enemies I wiped away were soldiers of my own

The winner of the war would know the shape of things to come
For they alone decide my fate when all is said and done;
I almost caught a glimpse of me, reflecting in the sun
but suddenly the final soldier cursed what I’d become

I lost control of everything, and I became confused
I waged a war against myself I never thought I’d lose
But right before I killed myself, I wondered if they knew
That all along their Mighty God was just a point of view

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Multi-instrumentalist lead vocalist of Ancient Lasers.

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