3 Reasons Why You Should Either Chill Out or Have A Panic Attack Right Now

It’s so easy to get stressed out these days and lose sight of some basic truths about the times we are living in.


CHILL OUT: Our generation’s lifespan will be significantly longer than any other in human history. So stop comparing your life to your parent’s. Sure, your dad probably already had a house, 401k, and a diversified portfolio at your age. Maybe they already had YOU at your age, too. Holy shit, stop freaking out about it. We are living through a Technological Renaissance unrivaled by human history, and they weren’t.  They actually didn’t really have much else to do back then but pop out a few kids and collect paychecks at a desk job. People under 30 that are alive right now have a good shot at living to be at least 150 years old – and if my homie Aubrey de Grey at SENS has his way, the first 1,000 year old person may have already been born.  So, sure, your parents might have been a little farther along than you, but by comparison of lifespans, you’re still only like 8 years old.

By the time we are ready to retire, we will probably be Asteroid Cowboys taking weekend trips to Club Elon (formerly Mars).

PANIC: This economic model isn’t sustainable longterm and will probably collapse soon. Most people are probably realizing that jobs are shrinking and disappearing, but I bet you don’t realize how bad it actually is (people applying for work might). Our economy is based around the concept that money can make more money.  But deep down, we all know this can’t last forever. What happens when huge ‘disruptive’ technologies start displacing not thousand, but millions of people? Take China for example.

These noodle robots are a preview of what’s about to happen all around us. When you have an economic system that demands that a corporation HAS to make money to appease its shareholders, at a certain point labor will become more expensive than technological alternatives.  Sounds like we are all out of a job, right? Well, that sounds scary, until we all stop to realize something: What’s the fucking point of technology if it doesn’t actually make our lives better?  The only way we can dodge a gigantic economic collapse is to transition our model towards a Resource-Based Economy (http://futurewewant.org/portfolio/resource-based-economy/), where we start actually spreading the benefits of technology to the entire society, not just the elite at the top. As you can imagine, they’re not going to give it up very easy, and are already building drone/robot armies to eradicate anyone that stands in their way. Luckily the riots, civil unrest, ecological damage and world-wide famine will end our suffering long before that happens. 🙂

CHILL OUT:  Virtual reality is coming really really soon and so are Self-driving cars. This will fundamentally change what cities look like. When Facebook bought Oculus Rift, a million gamer fanboys may have cried out in anguish, but for everyone else, the first hint of what’s going to come after Social Media looks pretty cool.  No species on Earth has ever been able to leave the planet before, but this is something different.  Human beings are about to leave REALITY as a whole and create infinitely complex new ones.  Alot of moving around will suddenly stop, when people stop needing to physically go to work/school/Bar Mitzvahs.  Self driving cars will be more like living rooms you just hang out in, and this will change the very nature of what a city needs to be defined as.  Imagine the first neighborhood that’s not a collection of homes, but a collection of rooms and utilities that manifest themselves as-needed, based on what you need to do at a given time. No one needs a BBQ 24/7, and no one needs a basketball hoop all night.  Imagine not a neighborhood, but a living, moving architecture that becomes the physical representation of its inhabitants’ desires on demand.

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