Ancient Lasers EP Available on Bandcamp

ALCOVERFINAL 300x300 Music

Ancient Lasers is the project of multi-instrumentalist pro­ducer and lead vocal­ist Daniel Fin­fer. In 2010, Fin­fer sought out Daniel Ander­son (Glow­bug, Idiot Pilot, Hyro Da Hero) to pro­duce a full-length LP.  Songs from the LP are fea­tured on the debut, self-titled EP, includ­ing two remixes from 19 year old pro­ducer Stephen Coleman.

  1. The Wheel Of Time
  2. Ances­tors
  3. When Are We?
  4. Direc­tions
  5. The Last Americans
  6. Ances­tors (Stephen Cole­man Remix)
  7. Direc­tions (Stephen Cole­man Remix)

Ancient Lasers’ self-titled debut EP is now avail­able at Bandcamp.