Ancient Lasers is the musical work of Daniel Finfer, a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

Daniel Finfer of Ancient Lasers


Artists love to say their music has a message, but what happens when that message is “the Singularity is Near”? Musician Daniel Finfer creates albums that explore the concepts and consequences of accelerating technology while still possessing enough pop-music chops to make them accessible. Ancient Lasers has tracks with titles like You in the Future and Replacing You. On first listen they may sound like Finfer’s singing to a girl, but lines like “I don’t need you in the future” are about post-singularity robots dismissing the need for humans. Pretty trippy stuff, and awesome to listen to. I had a chance to talk with Finfer and get the inside line on his new album, the inspiration behind his work, and his future projects with groups like Idiot Pilot. It’s ‘pay as you like’ and Finfer is looking for 50% of the proceeds to be donated to Singularity-minded organizations like the Singularity Symposium and others.

Daniel Finfer’s inspiration for blending accelerating technologies with music may sound familiar to many of you. Five years ago, he was struck by how few pop songs really had a meaningful message, and at the same time he was reading Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near. Finfer got the idea for creating songs that explored the themes of the Singularity under the guise of pop music. While his lyrics may sound like they are a stereotypical exploration of love, romance, and youthful bravado, they are actually “a conversation between my future and present selves, I’m sort of talking back and forth through time.”

Daniel Finfer With Keyboard


Ancient Lasers Studio


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